Registration: 6pm
Doubles start time:630pm SHARP!
Singles start time: 730 - 8PM (Depending on Doubles)


- Venue Fee: $8
- Casuals Only: $8 (all night)
- Single Tournament entry: $7
- Doubles Tournament entry: $5 per person
- Spectating is standard venue price.

Venue Rules:

You can bring outside food, and there are snacks and drink to buy in the venue. There will be a table just for eating. No food around the consoles themselves. Drinks are ok, but be careful and don't spill anything near the electronics. We just ask if you can please clean up after yourselves. Don't leave any garbage behind. We don't want the guys at the venue working extra just to clean up after us.

Tourney Rules:



First, Second, Third Place (57.14% 28.57% 14.29% split for singles,) [This can change if there are more entrants]

Doubles with 5 teams or less:

1st Place - 100%

Doubles with 6 - 10 teams

1st Place - 60%
2nd Place - 40%

Doubles 11 and up teams

1st Place 60%
2nd place 30%
3rd Place 10%

-Amiibo are banned
-Players must bring their own controllers although we do have some available for people to use.
-Miis are 1-1-1-1

Set Procedure:


Any questions or concerns should be brought directly to the attention of tournament staff.