Over 20 Switches will be available.

48 hour all-access passes are available for $20 USD

Event will be catered with hot food!

Copies of Ultimate Smash will be available for Purchase while supplies last

  • 36 Hour Continuous Ladder Tournament From 12:00PM EST 12/7 until 12:00AM EST 12/9

  • 2v2 Doubles Bracket - Saturday 12/8 starting at 3:00 PM EST

  • 1v1 Singles Bracket Saturday Evening 12/8 (exact time TBD)

  • Drop in and drop out access for almost all 48 hours!
    • note you cannot re-enter the venue between 3:00-6:00am if you had left prior, however if you are still inside you will not be required to leave

  • The event will run consecutively for 50hrs from Midnight on December 7th until 2:00am EST on December 9th.
    • Please note that from 3:00-6:00am EST each night the entrance doors will be closed. This means you are free to leave during those hours, but you may not re-enter until 6:00am EST.

Streamed live for all 48 hours - with a Winner stays on format on stream when no event is actively ongoing.
Side events to be announced!

Tournament Prizes Per Event:

  • 36 Hour Ladder Tournament - Free Encore Esports Monthly Unlimited Pass!

  • 2v2 Doubles Bracket - A Free Switch Pro or Smash Ultimate Gamecube Controller for each Winning Team Member!

  • 1v1 Singles Bracket - Aside from the split of the buy-in money, the winner will also receive free venue to any Encore hosted Smash Ultimate tournaments through the end of March 2019! Buy-in money will be split as follows:

  • 0-63 players:
    • 1st Place - 60%
    • 2nd Place - 30%
    • 3rd Place - 10%

  • 64 - 128 Players
    • 1st Place - 60%
    • 2nd Place - 20%
    • 3rd Place - 10%
    • 4th Place - 4%
    • 5th Place - 2%/2%
    • 7th Place - 1%/1%

Raffle Prizes:

  • Pre-registration Raffle - Free Copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch!
    • Eligible to everyone who pre-registers and pre-pays for the event at least 48 hours before the start of the event

  • Ultimate Weekend Raffle - Free Personalized Encore Esports Jersey
    • Eligible to everyone who pays the $20 event registration fee at any point before the end of the event

  • Ultimate Competitor Raffle - Free Nintendo Switch Console
    • Eligible to anyone who enters any of the competitive events over the course of the weekend - participating in more than one event will grant you multiple entries - e.g. participating in all of the ladder, singles, and doubles brackets will grant you 3 raffle entries!

  • Singles Competitor Raffle - A $60.00 GameStop Giftcard!
    • Eligible to any player who registers for and participates in the 1v1 Singles Bracket on 12/8

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