Dragonball Fighterz League Season 2 (Ranbat) at ENCORE ESports Lounge

538 Main St, New Rochelle NY 10801

Doors open at 3pm

Casuals start at 6pm - Tournament starts at 9pm

How it works:

Pot bonus of $300.00,

Matcherino Backed, as well as weekly pot growth. https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10732
Use code WFGC2 to donate .50 for free

Registration is $10.00 (on-site) a month to play in the league for 7 weeks. Venue is $10.00 per week

When you register each month you receive free venue for the day of your registration.

Each additional week you only pay $10.00 for venue $10.00 for tournament play (Tournament play break down is $8.00 to that night’s pool and $2.00 to league pool)

Less than 32 players

Top 3 players at the end of the league season will earn:

1st place – 60%

2nd place – 30%

3rd place – 10%

More than 32 Players cap at 64 players

Top 8 payout

1st 50%

2nd 25%

3rd 12%

4th 7%

5th 2% & 2%

7th 1% & 1%

The League prize pool is comprised of all funds paid into the registration fee and weekly participation fee.

Event Rules:

You can sign up at any point in the month by paying your registration fee.

It is up to you to make it to as many events that month that you can.

If you miss a week of league play you receive 0 points for ranking that week only.

Point structure is as follows 7,6,5,4,3,3,1 for 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,5th,7th and below - Anyone placing below 7th receives 1 point.

Leader boards will be posted on WFGC website at: http://www.wfgcny.com/index.php/rankings/37-dbzrankings.html

League play days are May 1st , 8th ,15th, 22nd Break last week of the month. June 5th, 12th , 19th.

You can pick the weeks you want to play and track your progress on the leader boards

The tournaments are held on ENCORE ESPORTS GAMING LOUNGE - 538 Main st, New Rochelle NY 10801 - http://www.wfgcny.com/index.php/sessions.html


Size: 1on1

Double Elimination

Default settings

2/3 Rounds per Game

2/3 Games per Set

3/5 Games for Losers & Winners Finals

3/5 Games for Grand Finals

Controllers are available for playing, bringing your own is acceptable. Players must DESYNC their controllers after each set. Any player who does not do so will be disqualified from the tournament (no refunds will be issued)

Streamed Live at https://www.twitch.tv/wcfighters

You can pick the weeks you want to play and track your progress on the leader boards