Competitive Street Fighter V/Marvel Vs. Capcom Inifinte

 Real name: Paul Robeson Campbell

 Age: 24 years old

 Hometown: New Rochelle, NY


 Tournament Achievements:

 1) 17th at Defend the North

 2) 1st at locals not named Next Level. (TNT, The Molly Whop)

 What he wants you to know about himself:

 "I got beat 100 times in street fighter before I got 2 wins when I first started"

 Favorite Games to play:

Starcraft, Final fantasy 10 , megaman X games, and World of Warcraft (2006-2009)

 Other Interests:


 Fun fact:

"I'm 1/4 Alaska Native American"


Follow PRC:

Twitter: @FGC_PRC

Twitch: PRC77