Competitive Super Smash Brothers WiiU

  Real name: Jake Gomez

  Age: 22 years old

  Hometown: Brewster (Putnam)


 Tournament Achievements:

  Still waiting on a break out performance hard to travel due to school

  #1 Power Rankings for Westchester October 2017

 Won Various Locals

 What he wants you to know about himself:

  "Always stay level headed. Funny enough one of the few attributes I find pretty strong about myself as a player is that I dont get tilted easily."

  Favorite Games to play:

 Smash 4, Dead Space, Zelda, Destiny

  Other Interests:


  Fun fact:

 "Funny enough I play Fox because when I was a child and my dad was away in the air force, Fox reminded me of my father Being a pilot and all."