Competitive player and commentator for Super Smash Bros WiiU and Melee.

Currently planning on Graduating from NYU Steinhardt in the Fall of 2017


  Real name: Raphael Saphra

  Age: 23 years old

  Hometown: Irvington, NY


 Events Commentated:

Defend the North, AON Alpha, Xeno Sagas, Undiscovered Smash, Counterpick with BYOC


 What he wants you to know about himself:

 As a caster, I try and give a plot to every tournament and frame everything positively. It's my job to make the game interesting, even for those long haul time outs. I want to make it enjoyable for both the viewers who tune in live and the

players who watch their matches back later. I'm generally very mushy about these sorts of things.


Future Goals within the FGC:

I want to bring something new and exciting to Smash 4 commentary. This part of the scene has so much room to grow and develop, and I hope that especially on the national scene, I can help to pave the way for the narrative in commentary.

  Favorite Games to play:

Smash, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Overwatch, Squirrel Combat (it'll make a comeback)

  Other Interests:

I am a musician, I score short films and play in an alt-rock band. I also play about 10 instruments, but don't ask me to bust out a banjo at your wedding.

  Fun fact:

The first time I really commentated was at a regional because I went up and just asked and didn't realize that you're supposed to start smaller at the locals. Nobody told me. Never would have made it on the mic if not for Rick.


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Twitter: @saltyfun_ssb

YouTube: saphinfection1333

Twitch Channel: Saltyfun

Facebook: Raphael.Saphra