The Westchester FGC meets every Tuesday in White Plains at 66 Fulton St. White Plains NY 10606. For more infor about sessions and to get in touch with the community, head over to: and join the group to You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can give you all the information you request. You can also check our Twitter feed.

The venue has an entry cost of $5.00 for the session.

Tournaments will cost $5.00 for venue + entry to tournament

TNT - Our Tuesday Night Throwdown series with a main game (usually most popular) plus a possible second game tournament. FGC Casuals in all current titles.



Tuesday Night Casuals have been a WestchesterFGC causal gathering for over a year now and we continue to meet every Tuesday night at Undiscovered Realm in White Plains NY 10606. Presented by Play Connection Gaming, Setups are available for a multitude of fighting games (listed below). Entry for the session is only $5.00 for the entire evening. Sessions usually run from 6pm-11pm. Details on who to find the session and other general information can be found below:



Undiscovered Realm Comics

66 Fulton St, 2nd Floor

White Plains, NY 10606




Accessible from Bus:


I-bus (CT)
Metro north (White Plains)

Tappan Zee Express Bus


Accessible from White plains Trains station - (Walking Directions):


There are several ways to walk to the venue (about a 15 minute walk)

The graphic below shows the most direct path.You can follow the blue dots to central park ave. The Red Arrows show the direction to go on Central Park Ave. The second image shows where to cut over from Central Park ave. This will save you time from walking down Fulton St.



Where to cut over:




Venue fee:


unlimited play from 6pm - Close

Casual/Sessions - $5.00

Thursday Smash 4 Tournaments will be  - $7.00 unless otherwise noted


Other Tournament entry:


Venue: $5.00

Tournament-  $5.00

Spectating is Free (if you in anyway play a game, you must pay venue fee)


Setups will be available for the following games:

Dragonball Fighter Z - PS4

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite - PS4



Melee -GameCube*

Smash WiiU -WiiU


GGXrd- REV2 -PS4

Skull Girls -PS4

Injustice 2 -PS4

Tekken 7-PS4

King Of Fighter XIV - PS4

Various other games as well including classic FGC Games and casuals games.

XBoxOne’s are also available


If you would like to bring a game for a setup, that is fine. (Games with DLC may not have available characters if you bring your own game)

 *Setups will be made available depending on interest